“Thursday I emailed Julia Haynie,  our CAM, with Spectrum Properties, regarding the gouges and marks left by the garbage trucks in the pavement preservation product spread on Tidal Walk’s streets.

By Friday afternoon Julia had contacted Mt. Pleasant and responded back to me.  BTW, Mt Pleasant stated with the heat and traffic,  the marks and gouges will smooth out.

Earl and I have experienced quite a few community management companies and property managers in our many moves.  Julia is one of the best.  She answers our emails promptly and follows up with an answer in a timely fashion.

In our opinion, we are very fortunate to have Julia and Spectrum Properties.”

– Beverly Thacker, Tidal Walk


“Spectrum is the secret to a happy community!  We have never been more pleased and relieved to find a good reliable community management company that not only does their job for management, but provides support and encouragement to the community to keep growing in a healthy direction.  The HOA leadership is empowered to have a management company that delivered prompt and reliable services  while helping to manage other community contracts and services for the best services and value for the community $. Spectrum has great community skills on building a community presence and awareness while keeping the community bound together through growth and change.

We have lived in various communities and been in HOA leadership prior with management that took so much effort and direction from a volunteer board that it was counter productive and exhaustive creating community discord.  Spectrum is present, professional. prompt and informed with both  current and historical perspective to guide s community through some tough growing curves.  They have managed to keep everyone happy and on the same page to move forward.

Thank You Spectrum”

-Jackie Clarke, President, The Retreat at Beresford HOA


“Spectrum Properties, Inc is a fantastic, reliable vendor to work with! All of their employees are extremely pleasant and hardworking individuals. They respond to any email or phone call in a very timely fashion. Any client needs or concerns are reported to us immediately so we can compete our job to meet our client needs. The financial department at Spectrum is prompt in paying invoices, which is a huge plus! I would recommend Spectrum Properties, Inc as a vendor and management company to anyone!
Thank you for all of your hard work!!! We love you!!!!”

-Kimberly Hickman, Charleston Grounds Management


“Spectrum Properties makes you feel like part of the family.  As a family business, you can feel the dedication and pride that comes with owners and managers that have the flexibility which a small and local firm allows.  We’ve been with Spectrum for over 10 years and know that whenever we have a new project which requires professional property management that we can count on them to do a great job and represent the board and owners ethically and professionally.”

-Hilton Smith III, East Bay Company, Developer, Ashley Park HOA


“Spectrum Properties has been our property manager since 2014.  During the last 5 years we have been fortunate to have Carol Redick as our Manager.  Carol is extremely professional and responsive, and we appreciate her valuable knowledge and insight that she brings to our monthly and annual meetings.  Financial information is received in a timely manner, and Carol is readily available via email or phone to discuss any questions Board members may have.  As Carol has been our manager for the entire time, I can only assume that the rest of the Spectrum staff is equally as impressive and performs to the same high standards.  We look forward to our continued relationship with Carol and Spectrum Properties.”

-Diane Lambert, President, Laurel Lakes HOA


“I am Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors of the Grove Park at Grand Oaks HOA and want to commend the management team and employees of Spectrum Properties, Inc.  Our property manager takes a personal interest in working with us to problem solve and add more value to our community. I have the opportunity to interact with their staff to make financial reporting  for our community very efficient and professional. They have given me direct access on-line to our bank accounts to make financial reporting and our audit function much easier. Communication is excellent, either by e-mail, telephone, or in person, as I am never kept waiting long periods of time for answers to any questions. I have never questioned the integrity of working with Spectrum Management, Inc.  They partner with us to enhance the quality of life of our community. Our property values have increased and credit has to be given to them for their valuable assistance.”

-Ronald Olinsky, Board Member and Treasurer, Grove Park at Grand Oaks HOA


“Spectrum has managed our Homeowners Association for 13 years. During that time, we feel that we’ve received the best quality of service any such organization can expect. All associates we’ve had occasion to work with are true professionals; very open and honest as well. Whenever we have requested a ‘face to face’ meeting, to get clarification of process or direction for a new situation, they have always been very gracious and helpful. Spectrum meets every goal and expectation we have. They are our trusted source for exceptional management.”

-Lakeshire HOA Board of Directors


“I want you to know I deal with a bunch of different property managers in town through the course of
my business and I can say without a doubt that you are one of the best! I really appreciate you and just wanted to you to know it.”

-Nathan Ward, BridgeView Appraisals, LLC


“Thank you to Spectrum Properties, Inc. for fifteen years of great service in the ever changing field of HOA property management.  Our Spectrum manger is prompt with well informed responses to the many questions and concerns from our board of directors, owners and tenants. Spectrum is a great resource for top quality contractors and services essential for keeping our community attractive, safe and prosperous.”

-Robert Martin, Grove Park at Grand Oaks HOA


“As a resident and HOA Board member of a Spectrum Property, I can attest that they have always been quick and accurate to respond to all requests. The suggestions they have made have been most beneficial for cost savings and timely contractor support. They have attended all scheduled HOA and Annual meetings and came prepared. We have only the highest regard for the total Spectrum Team.”

-Darrell Johnson, Ellington Woods III HPR


“Thank you for everything that you have done over the past 14 years for our community.  You, are by far, the BEST PM that I have ever worked with.  And, over the past 16 years in real estate, I have worked with a lot of them.  I wish you guys managed every area.  ;)”

-Susan Arrington, Hunt Club


“Thank you for all you have done to help us navigate the HOA gauntlet, and for making our 11 years in Hidden Cove so enjoyable.”

-John Rusher, Hidden Cove


“Thank you for the 11 years of good service.”

-Barry Breibart, Hunt Club


“I just want to say that I’ve only had limited experience with you guys so far, but the experience is so much better than what I expect out of an HOA/Property Management Company and I’m just really impressed.  My emails are answered quickly, everyone is friendly, and seems like they want to help. :)”

-Joseph Wilbanks, The Park at River’s Edge


“Thank you so much. You and your company do a great management job and are always so responsive. I appreciate it… Y’all also provided much more for a lot less. Great job! Wish you would open an office in Columbia!”

-Amy, Homeowner


“Julia has played an important part in turning some major issues around that our HOA was faced with a few years ago. With her sound advice and guidance, we were able to recover almost all of our past dues which in turn allowed us to accomplish many much needed improvements.”

-Drew Warfuel

President of the Board of Directors

Sienna at Grand Oaks HOA


“Very happy with our management team.”

-Hilton Smith, II

President of the Board of Directors

Salterbeck Village at Park West POA


“Carol continues to do an excellent job for us; we appreciate her experience, knowledge, and professionalism.”

-Keith Bantle

President of the Board of Directors

Ellington Woods V HPR


“Julia is a very capable manager and has performed her functions in a very professional manner. It is a pleasure working with her.”

-Harry Nettles

President of the Board of Directors

Carriage Lane HOA


“Our manager, Carol is always professional and has a clear understanding of what needs to be done and keeps the board well informed.”

-Arlene Ellis

President of the Board of Directors

Ellington Woods III HPR